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What Limits Your Leaders, Limits Your Business

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years + of business experience from Associate positions to Board of Director positions we have done it all. We have been in the trenches like you. Now we share our passion of facilitating success and growth for our coachees and their businesses. 

You won't find a more passionate group of Coaches who routinely go above and beyond for their coachees/clients. Your win is our win and that is how we approach all our coaching engagements.  

What makes a coach great? Wisdom, experience, compassion, inspiration and courage. Courage? Yes, we take you to your edge and then beyond it where transformation happens.  You have to go somewhere truly new otherwise nothing  changes. When you see new possibilities, new ways of thinking, new creative solutions, new ways of being and leading - YOU are new and changed and thus a new outcomes are inevitable. We are here, of service, for you, your leaders and your business to be all it can be - even beyond your own expectation!

The Exec.Guru Approach

We take a personal approach to business, executive and personal coaching because we are all human. What limits us, limits us until we can see and take action in a new way. We are inspired by your transformation and your success. 

Name your success plan - the one that seems unreachable and we will reach it together. Show us the most challenging work situation or business relationship and we will assist you in changing it forever. Outline a sales problem that won't go away and we will roll up our sleeves and get in there with you. Give us an impossible corporate culture and together we will make it sing. We love challenge. Why? Because it brings us alive, it evolves us, it stretches us and transforms us. That's why we offer a discovery session, like a mini session, so you can experience our coaching for yourself. 

Find Out What is Limiting You and Your Leaders.

New Possibilities

Why is great coaching so effective?  Here's why... these are just a few outcomes leaders and whole teams begin to experience:

  • Authentic Leadership and higher integrity
  • Greater alignment with your True Self
  • Increased awareness, sharper instincts and intuition
  • Growth mindset that can endlessly solve
  • Abundant thinking and action taking, and experimentation
  • Greater insight into self and others
  • Seeing possibilities not obstacles
  • Profound increase in creativity
  • Personal "kryptonites" being neutralized
  • Higher Emotional Intelligence 
  • The end of reactivity
  • Being one's best self more of the time
  • Fulfillment and excitement as a daily experience
  • More synergistic and bonded culture
  • Increased levels of motivation
  • Positively impacting the bottom line faster
  • Highly functional teams creating potent outcomes

What is Limiting You & Your Leaders?


Success, be it personal, leadership or business calls for peak performance in this very competitive environment.  Business and Executive Coaching has surged to status as an advantage tool and secret source of acceleration for peak performance. After all, all Fortune 500 CEOs, all elite and pro athletes, singers, actors, all have coaches (often more than one) and without them they would never rise to elite status.  The same underlying goal exists for You - TO MOVE BEYOND WHERE YOU CAN'T BY YOURSELF.  

How can your you, your leaders and your business see what it cannot currently see? A great coach reflects the unknown, the unseen, the POTENTIAL and brings this into awareness for new insights, understandings and new innovative ideas. And because the Coachee learns tools and processes to see through blind spots and reinvent on any level anytime there is a need, then these learnings can be used indefinitely into the future for never ending growth. 

Right now you know where your business has blocks, where it has weak links, where it leaks and where it needs improvement. Imagine that plus all the parts you currently can't see addressed, up-leveled and improved upon. Imagine the level of success that you know it could be. THAT is what a great coach helps you to access. 

We believe it can only be experienced to truly understand its impact and that is why we offer a Discovery Session. In this session you will experience Coaching, our unique and powerful style of coaching, for yourself and know first hand before you ever begin a series how it will work for you personally, with an agenda for the work already developed. 


Greg Sales MS, MA
Business & Executive Coach
A much sought after International Executive and Busines

Greg Sales, MS, MA


A much sought after International Executive and Business Coach, Greg holds two Master’s degrees including an M.A. in Spiritual & Counseling Psychology and has over 27 years of business experience, 19 entrepreneurial years as a VP of Sales and business  development leader for tech businesses and over 11 years of experience as a successful Coach. Combining his talents as a Coach with actual in-depth business experience and continued training, Greg facilitates radical transformation for his clients and their businesses.

Hired as an in-house Leadership Coach, Greg works with the talent at 72andSunny, a Top 10 global marketing and advertising firm with offices in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, New York, Sydney and Singapore. 72andSunny has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2015 and two-time “Agency of the Year” winner for Advertising Age and Adweek.

Greg works with CEO's, business owners, C-suites, executive teams and ambitious individuals working in a range of industries from fashion and electronics to professional sports, green energy to non-profits, filmmaking to gaming, advertising and entertainment. With over a decade as an industry leader, Greg is also sought after by other coaches to be mentored and join the ranks of the top coaches in the industry.


Linda Atkinson Sales, MA, MBA


Linda has over 30 years of business experience including the title of Vice President (for three companies), CFO and Board of Director positions. A former investment banker, stock broker (fully licensed) and executive in the film industry, Linda brings her experience and vast education to each coaching session. Linda holds two masters degrees, an MBA in Finance and an MA in Counseling Psychology. Linda is a Berkley Institute for Executive Coaching Graduate, Berkeley Executive Education. She was educated at Ivey Business School (MBA and HBA); Stanford Graduate Business School Executive Education (Strategy & Organization); Harvard (Managing Teams); UCLA Anderson School of Management (Mergers & Acquisitions) and is UCLA Anderson School of Management Board Governance Certified, passing the exam in 2013. Linda is also a published author for Ivey Business School - American Barrick Resources Corporation. She brings her razor sharp insight, skills, intuition and compassion to every coaching session. Linda’s coaching client list includes Abode, Hyatt, Moody’s, 72andSunny, Blumhouse Productions and AudienceX and many entrepreneurs, executive coaches and celebrities from around the world. One of Linda's areas of expertise is working with challenging employee/work situations. Linda is Exec.Guru's resident expert in emotional intelligence covering the topics of leadership presence, authentic leadership, mindfulness, happiness and self awareness as tools to become profoundly successful in all aspects of your life.

Additionally, Linda has been a Certified Life Coach since 2009 and provides profoundly transformative Personal Coaching. A life-changing event in 1997 opened Linda fully as Self Realized and to her calling to awaken souls to their life mission, true nature and raise human and global consciousness. Linda has a proprietary healing technique - MHT (Metaphysician Healing Technique) that goes to the core of the issue at hand providing spontaneous and powerful transformation. For more information on this see her personal website www.metaphysicianhealing.com


Kelly Collins, MA


Kelly was trained and certified in 2006 by Oprah Winfrey’s Coach Martha Beck, holding dual coaching certifications from Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaching and an advanced certification from The Field Project in 2009.

Kelly has over 11 years in business and personal coaching empowering individuals with an impeccable attention to detail while maintaining a clear view of the big picture, resulting in focus and freedom for her clients.

Kelly holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and brings her deep intuition and wisdom to her sessions for powerful transformative experiences. Kelly is a transformational powerhouse.

Kelly’s own personal journey in life has opened her to tools and techniques for approaching life’s most challenging situations, with an ability to pinpoint issues and facilitate immediate results. Trained as well as a Vibrational Healer Kelly’s skills include removing energy blocks, erasing limiting beliefs and clearing the way for empowered living. 


Kathy Sales, MBP


Kathy’s abilities for helping clients impacts sales results come from over 25 years mastering consultative sales as an individual contributor, team leader, and national sales SVP.  She held these positions in F500 companies like IBM, Siemens and EMC then smaller, more entrepreneurial services companies.  Her forte in those roles was gaining a depth of understanding of the goals and associated challenges of each client then matching those with executable solutions in the technology sector (software and professional services).  She did this while teaching others to excel in sales results by becoming invaluable resources to their clients. She is a graduate of Colgate University (BA) and her masters work (MBP) was completed through the unique approach to creating uncommon value offered by The Aji Network.

Kathy’s work with her clients is about enhancing their abilities and amplifying their capacity to produce exceptional results in the areas of client/partner relationships, revenue production, sales leadership, and executive management. This means that her clients have improved enterprise value through their sales teams’ performance by making their offers more compelling and unique.  They earn maximum profits while delighting their customers and raising the quality of their sales mechanics (narratives, compensation plans, hiring practices, employee development and sales cycle planning.) In order to produce these superior results her work also includes helping executives break through any limitations.  With her help, they increase their abilities at developing individuals and teams plus their peer relationships and networks by embracing a habit of lifelong learning to maximize contribution, achievement, and income.

 " I absolutely believe people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential." 

Bob Nardelli CEO Home Depot

"Great coaching facilitates problem solving and new solutions by bringing awareness that enlivens and inspires new answers." Linda Atkinson Sales 

"I am able to control only that which I am aware of. That which I am unaware controls me. Awareness empowers me."

John Whitmore 

"What is limiting your CEO, your leaders, your teams ultimately limits your business, there is no way around it."  Greg Sales 

"COACHING now is a part of standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, JP Morgan, Chase, and Hewlett Packard. These companies are discreetly giving their best prospects what star athletes have long had: a trusted advisor to help REACH THEIR GOALS.



What Makes a Coach Extraordinary?

For me it is insight, wisdom, compassion, communication skills, generosity, open-minded listening, and being able to create the space where transformation occurs.

Linda is all this. She has the ability to access the deeper layers of our being. Through her listening and coaching she opened doors and helped me uncover a truth about myself that I didn't know existed, leaving me empowered, inspired, and ready to receive, embrace and live the life my heart and soul truly desire. Whatever was holding me back does not own me anymore; it is being softly and firmly transformed into freedom, self-expression, connection, trust and possibility."

Eva Castilla

Beyond My Expectations

“My time working with Greg was beyond my expectations. Feeling lost and trapped in my work, not sure of what direction I was heading, I was lucky enough to be given the gift of coaching. With Greg’s insight and helpful guidance I was able to find myself and my happiness again.

He not only helped me get back on track but he helped me figure out what that track was. I am still in awe of how effective our short time together has been. Greg has an uncanny ability to get at the problem and lead you to a viable solution. My work with him has been life changing and I will be forever grateful.”

Michele Ryan
Aspect Ratio

Business Taking Off

“In just 12 months of working with Greg, my business and my relationship to money have both taken off. A year ago, I literally could not imagine that I would be living the life I now have. From the home of my dreams to a totally different income level to a new freer work schedule to a radically transformed day to day experience of my work life to having more free time – all of these things are a direct result of the work that I’ve done with Greg in a relatively short period of time. I’m excited about the next phase too as my dreams continue to expand. As I’ve often heard, if you want to run a race, you need a coach. And if you want to have the business and work life of your dreams, you need Greg.”

Josh Tickell, Founder
Green Planet Productions
New Energy Strategist / Documentary Filmmaker
Director of the Award Winning Movies: FUEL / The Big Fix / Pump

Coaching For Coaches

"As an executive coach, it's a treat to have a moment to step back, take a deep breath, reflect on what's happening, then roll up my sleeves and get back to work! That's the impact of a conversation with Linda Sales. Her positive energy, light-hearted humor and soulful depth, is a perfect blend to counter the hours I spend coaching other people. As a transformational coach it can be tricky to distinguish what's mine to work on and what is my coachee's. Linda has a gift of listening and opening up my own wisdom to support me in creating a plan for what I need to do next.

Our paths have crossed at the perfect time in my life. I'm in the midst of A LOT of personal and professional transformation and Linda's generous spirit has guided me through the spiritual, emotional corners and curves of my career. Everyone needs to have a Linda in their lives!"

Valerie Hope
Executive Coach/Speaker 

exec.guru -executive coaching business coaching business and management consultant


“My very first session working with Greg was invaluable to understanding my business from an objective point of view. It is really valuable to have a truly objective person listen to the obstacles and reflect them back. It allows me to really hear them and see more clearly. It also allows me to step back and work “on” my business, instead of “in” my business. I am able to see much more clearly the things in my business that give me more energy, and the things that are draining my energy (so I can strategize about how to remedy those draining factors). I now understand my Values at a much deeper level and how that influences my approach to my business (the answers can be surprising). Working with a coach has helped to make obstacles clear, which enables me to address the problems much quicker, apply solutions faster, and see possibilities I haven’t yet seen.”

Audrey McLoghlin, Founder & CEO
Frank E Eileen LLC

Now a Successful, Growing Business

"Greg has been my coach for almost three years now, and he's been absolutely instrumental in both my own personal growth and in starting and growing my coaching business. When we started working together, I was going through a significant life transition and my career path was in flux. I was in a place of fear and doubt, and I wasn't sure what to do. He helped me out of that fearful, and helped pave the way for a place of empowerment and possibility. In fact, he knew I was going to be a coach before I did, and he really helped build me up to not only take the action steps to create a coaching business, but the mindset needed to build a successful business.

Today I have a successful, growing business, that's making six figures. His guidance has been invaluable and his encouragement and belief in me and my abilities has made me feel unstoppable. He has a gift with breaking things down into bite size chunks, and helping me see things from another, more empowered angel. He also hears what you don't say -- which is where the transformation occurs.

I cannot recommend Greg enough. If you want to transform yourself AND create/grow your coaching practice, this is the man for you, and you will be a better person for having him in your life.

Cameron Kashani

Intuitively Gifted and Skilled Coach

“Greg’s fluidity is amazing. He was able to step with me through business and personal challenges. He is an intuitively gifted and skilled coach.”

Wendy McCulley, Chief Business Development Officer
Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.

Now Happy and Thriving Self-Employed Consultant

“Greg helped me transition from a burned-out workaholic into a happy, thriving self-employed consultant. Thought-provoking, but not confrontational, he helped me examine my existing strategies around work and life and essentially re-tool. “Start with how you want to feel” is the simplest idea, but it was so foreign to me! And being able to talk about work AND life was what made the process so fruitful for me. Greg has a very calm, focused energy, and he is incredibly patient – both super important traits in life and in coaching.”

Michelle Crawford
Independent Marketing Research Consultant

Seeing to the Heart of the Matter

“Greg is an extraordinary talent in his capacity to see through to the heart of an issue, both in the sense of a business strategy and in terms of personal blocks and patterns which might keep you from reaching your potential. He possesses a potent cache of processes and session work that has led me to important self-discoveries. And, to make all of this even more valuable, Greg has a personal warmth, wit, intuition and intelligence that makes the process of unfolding into your best self a pleasurable experience. “

Samantha Stone, Founder
CAST, Inc.

Deep Understanding of People and Business

“Greg explained to me in our first session that until we actually started working together I wouldn’t fully understand how he was going to be able to help me and he was absolutely right.

Greg's deep understanding of people and business is an amazing combination for anyone who is trying to make themselves better at what they do. Since your career and your personal life are so intertwined it is sometimes difficult to only focus on one. One of the most amazing things about working with Greg is that I felt so secure sharing my personal issues with him that were getting in the way of my work. He helped me step outside of my life and look at it from the outside in.

It is amazing what you can see. Simple things and simple recommendations can change so much. My favorite part about his work was discovering what it was that helped me be creative. Together we discovered a place, a time, an atmosphere and just the right company that helped me be the most creative that I can be. it sounds like something I should have known but it was one of those things that I would have never discovered.”

Ila Draksharam, Co-Founder

Great Influence to Our Entire Management Team

“I've worked with Kathy for the last 6 or 7 years but much more closely in the last 3 years. She's a talented individual that would be an asset to any company or executive team who contracts with her. Kathy’s wide ranging experience leads her to approach projects from multiple angles looking for ways to work more efficiently and save both time and money while helping us delight our clients. She also thinks outside the box to problem solve and on more than one occasion that has allowed us to still complete client work ahead of time even when faced with issues that could have led to big setbacks, including lost sales.

Her organization skills go beyond someone who is "organized". Kathy is very focused and has a unique ability to stay on top of even the most complex projects with many moving pieces and personalities.  That has been a great influence on our entire management team - our abilities to think together and be innovative is far advanced from where it was.

The one attribute that I value the most though is her inclusive nature. She very much values building a team and utilizing the skills of the team to accomplish more. By building these teams and showing them how to leverage each other, we've really been able to avoid some of the surprises that sometimes evolve over the life of a project as more and varied input are considered upfront.

Kathy's unique skill set would be a valuable resource to any company whether in the startup stages or having long standing teams and processes that need a fresh perspective and new methods.”

Leigh Silverstein, President

TWTH Consulting

A Powerhouse Coach - Really There Is No Other Way to Say It!

"Kelly is a powerhouse of a coach - really there is no other way to say it. Somehow she is also compassionate, caring and magical at the same time. I came to personal coaching with Kelly at a standstill in my life personally and professionally. We worked on my personal blocks and patterns first. If you are ready to see your own patterns, folds and limitations in a compassionate yet deep way Kelly is the coach for you. She has no fear going to the darker places, she holds an unconditional space and wisdom from her own life experiences that allowed me to feel safe. She facilitated so much personal growth for me and she continues to do so. She is my 'go-to' coach for deep personal work that is LIFE CHANGING." 

Expert Business Coach

Kathy is an expert business coach that we’ve been working with for over 3 years.  She is a quick learner who readily figured out the nuances of our niche business.  Her business acumen is spot on and she quickly became a trusted advisor to our leadership team.  Asking great questions to help get to the heart of any matter is her true forte.

When we had some personnel issues a couple of years ago, it was an extremely scary time for our business. I was constantly worried about the future of our company and Kathy really helped to ease my stress and also the burden on me.  She helped me see the situation as an opportunity while interviewing candidates, providing excellent feedback on each person we interviewed, and even worked with our team to develop new training materials that aided our new employees in getting up to speed on our company culture quickly and easily.  

Kathy generates fresh and exciting leadership learning opportunities and content.  She is always on the lookout for new material that is applicable to our business and is a whiz at integrating the things we love about our learning conversations into our business.  Getting the leadership team on the same page and encouraging open and positive communication has transformed our relationships as leaders and our relationships with our team.  

Jessica Johnson

CEO, ACES Builders Warranty

Coaching Services

Transformation Coaching Package

Focused business coaching series for owners/founders, executives, and CEOs looking to transform themselves and multiple aspects of their leadership and their business.

6 Months, Bi-Monthly 60 Min Sessions

(Spot Coaching & Email Support)

CEO Thought-Partner Coaching Package

For leaders experienced with coaching, have the proper foundation built and needing a monthly sounding board for areas of critical decision making.

12 Months, Monthly 90 Min Sessions

(Spot Coaching & Email Support)

Coaching Accelerator For Coaches

Core acceleration series for evaluating your coaching business and making sure it has all the elements necessary to climb straight to the top of the industry.

6 Month Intensive

Sales Mastery Consulting Package With Kathy Sales

Assessment and bespoke program.

Please contact Exec.Guru for pricing and details on Sales Mastery Consulting Packages as well as a consultation call. 

Personal Coaching Package & Challenging Employee/Work Situation Coaching with Linda Atkinson Sales

3 - 1 hour phone session packages or 6 -1 hour phone session packages available. All Packages include spot coaching and unlimited text and email support.

Personal Coaching Package & Deep Personal Work Sessions with Kelly Collins

3 - 1 hour phone session packages or 6 - 1 hour phone session packages available for personal coaching. All Packages  include spot coaching and unlimited text and email support.





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